Prevent head lice infestations

If you have been infested with head lice, you must learn the 3 key words: Treat, Check and Tell.

It is important that you get treated right away, and preferably the same day, to prevent you infest others. Treatment can either be a combing method  or product treatment  or a combination of both. In the weeks after the treatment, it is also very important that you check on a regular basis for live head lice with a good lice comb, as during this period the risk of re-infestation is very high. Liceworld has created a small poster which you can download to e.g. the kindergarten, school or other parents. The sooner you inform your surroundings about the head lice infestation, the better odds for others to check and treat their children and family members. This is the only way to eradicate head lice effectively.

Remember to use a good quality head lice comb