About Liceworld

All information on Liceworld is based on scientific papers and clinical studies as well as scientific books about head lice. The information on head lice products and head lice combs has been provided by manufacturers/distributors or is based on the product packaging text. Responsibility for the information and views set out on liceworld.com lies entirely with the authors.

Anne Marie Rasmussen, entomologist. Anne Marie has been doing research on head lice at the Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Ian Burgess, entomologist and director at Medical Entomology Centre (MEC), England. For more than 30 years Ian has been undertaking research on head lice and has carried out clinical assessments on a broad range of products for the control of head lice.

Lajos Rozsa Senior Researcher at Hungarian Academy of Sciences · MTA-ELTE-MTM Ecology Research Group, Budapest, Hungary. For more than 25 years Lajos has undertaken research and teaching on lice and other parasites and has published numerous scientific papers.

Kim Søholt Larsen is an entomologist and specialist in blood sucking insects and has more than 25 years of research and communication experience in the study of head lice.

The content of Liceworld may not be copied, translated, adapted as a whole or partly without a written agreement from Zantey ApS. Excepted are downloadable material, which can be copied free of charge.

All illustrations, photographs and videos on Liceworld are protected by copyright. Where there is no other attribution the photographs and videos on Liceworld have been provided by Kim Søholt Larsen.

Acknowledgements: Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen (illustrations), Malcolm Greenwood (photography) and Department of Medical Entomology and National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan (video).

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